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Patch Notes For December 2018 Release
Patch Notes For December 2018 Release Released on Tuesday, December 11th 2018 Features & Changes: Abyssal Deadspace: Abyssal Jump mechanics have been significantly changed to allow for
2:00pm on friday 7th december 2018

2018/12/11 - December Release Deployment Information
We're super happy to announce that deployment of the December release is scheduled for next Tuesday, December 11th during a slightly extended daily downtime! Downtime will begin at the usual time
12:00pm on friday 7th december 2018

War Declaration Changes - The War Adjacent to Christmas
If you'd like to give feedback on this blog or discuss it, feel free to head on over to the comments thread on the EVE Online Forums! Hello bellicose capsuleers, and welcome to another dev blog
3:00pm on thursday 6th december 2018

Monthly Economic Report - November 2018
If you'd like to discuuss this dev blog, feel free to head on over to the comments thread on the EVE Online Forums. This is the Monthly Economic Report for November 2018. The raw data that makes
2:00pm on wednesday 5th december 2018

EVE Online News

2018/01/25 - Mass Test On Singularity!
We are planning a mass test on Singularity for testing changes for the February release. This time we are testing a number of significant changes in the audio code and graphics engine,
6:34pm on tuesday 23rd january 2018

Octopus Red Flight SKINs Available For Selected Hulls!
We're happy to announce that the Octopus Red Flight SKIN set has been made available in the New Eden Store for selected Caldari hulls: Cormorant – 190 PLEX Jackdaw –
4:11pm on tuesday 23rd january 2018

Changes To The Fleet Fight Notification System!
Greetings capsuleers, and especially greetings fleet commanders and CEO's. After some discussion with the CSM early last week about issues with filing fleet fight notifications, teams
3:54pm on monday 22nd january 2018

Game World News

SuVee-Quafe Joint Venture Secures Outside Contract with Kaalakiota
Annaro, The Citadel – Everfresh, a partnership between megacorporations Sukuuvestaa and Quafe, announced its first contract outside the partnership today. News of the contract, which
2:36pm on thursday 6th december 2018

Maintenance Mayhem as Machinery Mutinies on M-N7WD III
M-N7WD III, Curse – Angel Cartel-affiliated planetary defense forces have been celebrating after "fighting off an attack by a suspected rogue drone" on the third planet of
6:18pm on wednesday 28th november 2018

Republic and Federation Impose Sanctions on Amarr Empire for "Insufficient Response to Kahah Massacres"
Great Caravanserai, Matar – The Minmatar Republic and Gallente Federation governments have approved trade sanctions against the Amarr Empire, as a response to the Empire's handling of
9:55pm on monday 26th november 2018

Press releases

EVE Online expands wormhole and mission gameplay with new release
“Hyperion” update on 26 August adds to popular game systems in the sprawling sci-fi universe 26 Aug 2014 – Reykjavik, Iceland – CCP Games, a leading independent
12:27am on wednesday 27th august 2014

CCP Names Andie Nordgren as Executive Producer for EVE Online
Nordgren Promoted to Lead Ongoing Development of CCP’s Award-Winning Sci-Fi MMO REYKJAVIK, ICELAND – July 25, 2014 – CCP Games, a leading independent developer of
3:41pm on friday 25th july 2014

EVE OF DESTRUCTION Pits CCP Developers in Brawl against World-Class MMA Fighter at EVE Fanfest
Gunnar “Gunni” Nelson (12-0-1) faces amateur stable of CCP staff and special guests 22 April 2014 – Reykjavik, Iceland – CCP Games, the world's leading
1:56pm on tuesday 22nd april 2014

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