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New and Updated Landmarks Live Now
Exploration-obsessed Capsuleers, As part of the latest update, a number of new landmarks are to be introduced across New Eden, while many more existing locations will be refreshed and renewed.
11:00am on tuesday 13th april 2021

Patch Notes - Version 19.03
Greetings, The following page will list patch notes for all updates within this release (Version 19.03). We invite you to join the player discussion about the content of this release on EVE
10:59am on tuesday 13th april 2021

Stream Dream Teams 2
Last year we held a special livestream event when the Proving Grounds were introduced to New Eden called Stream Dream Teams which saw CCP devs team up with EVE streamers to take on all comers in
4:00pm on friday 9th april 2021

Abyssal Proving Grounds Are Back
Eagerly competitive Capsuleers, The Abyssal Proving Grounds of New Eden are once again opening for battle, offering you a chance to assert your PvP dominance in some of the cluster’s most
11:00am on friday 9th april 2021

EVE Online News

EVE Launcher, corrupted downloads and repair tool update
As of 01:40 GMT (14th March) we released a new Launcher (Version 1.09) and a new repair tool to resolve some issues that players have been experiencing during the initial deployment of Crucible
5:32pm on thursday 30th april 2020

2018/01/25 - Mass Test On Singularity!
We are planning a mass test on Singularity for testing changes for the February release. This time we are testing a number of significant changes in the audio code and graphics engine,
6:34pm on tuesday 23rd january 2018

Octopus Red Flight SKINs Available For Selected Hulls!
We're happy to announce that the Octopus Red Flight SKIN set has been made available in the New Eden Store for selected Caldari hulls: Cormorant – 190 PLEX Jackdaw –
4:11pm on tuesday 23rd january 2018

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