Eve Online Updates

Massive update to EVE Vanguard
Attention Vanguard,  Since December, legions of Founders have gone boots-on-the-ground during First Strike playtests and have been instrumental in informing many of the improvements and additions that are coming in the upcoming Solstice event. This marks the biggest update yet to EVE Vanguard and will help propel the development of the ultimate sandbox FPS…
4:00pm on thursday 13th june 2024

Equinox Sale: PLEX for Less
Creative capsuleers, The Equinox expansion is out now, with a plethora of new opportunities for wealth accumulation, power consolidation, and the shaping of sovereign space. For a limited time, capsuleers can save up to a whopping 30% on PLEX packages – that’s the deepest PLEX discount ever! You can spend your PLEX to create and sequence amazing SKINs for…
11:15am on thursday 13th june 2024

Patch Notes - Version 22.01
Greetings,The following page will list patch notes for all updates within this release (Version 22.01). We invite you to join the player discussion about the content of this release on EVE Online forums:General FeedbackKnown IssuesInitial Release Date: 2024-06-11 Last update: 2024-06-13🤝 - Indicates a change inspired by the player's feedback or…
11:00am on thursday 13th june 2024

The Equinox Expansion is Now Live

11:00am on tuesday 11th june 2024

Save Big on Equinox Era Pack
Greetings capsuleer, The Equinox expansion is out now, ushering in a new era of control, creativity, and more colorful warfare than ever before. The introduction of SKINR for ships brings a new hue to New Eden, new Upwell structures and ships provide the opportunity to shape space to your image, and new goals and corp projects promise more action than ever…
11:00am on monday 10th june 2024

Thrilling Dynamics: New Equinox Details
Thrilling capsuleers,  The Equinox expansion is only days away, and new additions are still being announced, the latest including new fleet dynamics, visual enhancements, balance updates, and more. These were among the exciting topics discussed in the recent Directors’ Chat, where CCP Burger and CCP Rattati and guests went over some of the things to look…
11:00am on saturday 8th june 2024

Equinox: Expansion Notes
Hello spacefriends! The Equinox expansion is just around the corner, arriving at 11:00 UTC 11 June! As with previous expansions, we are delivering the patch notes early so you can absorb everything that's coming. We invite you to join the player discussion about the content of this release on the EVE Online Discord and the EVE Online…
5:00pm on friday 7th june 2024

Sovereignty, Structures & Transition
Capsuleers, The Equinox expansion is imminent, and with it come new changes to nullsec infrastructure. This blog will explain the mechanics of the new Upwell structures that will be introduced, including the new sovereignty hub, sovereignty upgrades, orbital skyhook and the resources that those structures will both generate and consume.  Check out…
10:00am on friday 7th june 2024