Name Type Corporation Solar system
n/a Tuotoh Kanaari Event Mission n/a Ishukone Corporation Baviasi
security: 0.80
n/a Typhon Reibver Basic n/a Federation Customs Thelan
security: 0.23
n/a Udba Namhar Basic n/a Ministry of War Vehan
security: 0.37
n/a Ueshisen Orane Event Mission n/a Propel Dynamics Mastakomon
security: 0.46
n/a Vakkibasen Pinuta Event Mission n/a CBD Sell Division Kaaputenen
security: 0.78
n/a Vari Nosemi Basic n/a Ministry of Internal Order Chej
security: 0.28
n/a Veinalen Yamatumi Event Mission n/a Perkone Saisio
security: 0.65
n/a Vepas Minimala Event Mission n/a Guristas N5Y-4N
security: -0.25
n/a Vintteken Napas Event Mission n/a Caldari Navy Maurasi
security: 0.91
n/a Vira Kortsegas Event Mission n/a Zainou Maila
security: 0.44
n/a Wallekon Kortadaken Event Mission n/a Republic Justice Department Ogoten
security: 0.71
n/a Yapetou Piki Event Mission n/a Zoar and Sons Ziriert
security: 0.06
n/a Yarn Lynch Basic n/a Corporate Police Force Manjonakko
security: 0.33
n/a Yelos Girgen Basic n/a Spacelane Patrol Nalvula
security: 0.39
n/a Zach Dormondan Event Mission n/a Imperial Chancellor Gid
security: 0.74
has locator services *