Name Type Corporation Solar system
n/a Namielus Ressoh Basic n/a Federal Intelligence Office Aeschee
security: 0.16
n/a Nekhaz Corelot Event Mission n/a Hedion University Mista
security: 0.54
n/a Nigirada Antu Event Mission n/a Ytiri Hatakani
security: 0.94
n/a Nilen Koinahaila Event Mission n/a Caldari Constructions Tartoken
security: 0.12
n/a Nojana Dyodo Basic n/a Corporate Police Force Ohkunen
security: 0.38
n/a Numa Fashit Event Mission n/a Archangels
n/a Nustich Rakolyor Event Mission n/a Ducia Foundry Menri
security: 0.37
n/a Olgard Krur Event Mission n/a Ammatar Consulate Chidah
security: 0.54
n/a Olkkogas Aranato Event Mission n/a Modern Finances Audaerne
security: 0.47
n/a Osie Ohmahailen Event Mission n/a State War Academy Irjunen
security: 0.52
n/a Otis Norch Basic n/a Brutor Tribe Auga
security: 0.39
n/a Otuniki Tekken Event Mission n/a Poksu Mineral Group Ikao
security: 0.60
n/a Paaseraisen Nosidoma Event Mission n/a School of Applied Knowledge Kulelen
security: 0.48
n/a Pakimato Kein Event Mission n/a Nugoeihuvi Corporation Reblier
security: 0.40
n/a Pareh Mere Event Mission n/a Sarum Family Faswiba
security: 0.35
n/a Petur Oskarin Basic n/a Caldari Navy Hakonen
security: 0.30
n/a Peuvalolen Ubito Event Mission n/a Mercantile Club Malkalen
security: 0.95
n/a Pevalir Kereka Event Mission n/a Kador Family Gonan
security: 0.48
n/a Qeraz Manima Event Mission n/a Nurtura Ahkour
security: 0.66
n/a Ragnar Evald Basic n/a Republic Fleet Auga
security: 0.39
n/a Reisen Ienakkamon Event Mission n/a Caldari Funds Unlimited Sivala
security: 0.55
n/a Reptu Gaxhen Basic n/a Republic Fleet Helgatild
security: 0.15
n/a Reuvo Thassian Basic n/a Federation Customs Reynire
security: 0.16
n/a Romene Belagers Event Mission n/a Bank of Luminaire Ondree
security: 0.53
has locator services *