Compressed Vitreous Mercoxit

Vitreous mercoxit gleams in the dark, like a siren of myth. Found only in rare clusters in space vitreous mercoxit is very rare, but very valuable, due to its much higher 10% yield.

Mercoxit is a very dense ore that must be mined using specialized deep core mining techniques. It contains massive amounts of the extraordinary Morphite mineral but few other minerals of note.

This ore is a compressed and much more dense version of the original ore.

  • structure
  • 1.0E+35 kg


  • 0.1m³ packaged


  • miscellaneous
  • 12189

    Reprocessing Skill

  • z 38 207 488.00

    Base Price

  • blueprint
  • Compressed Vitreous Mercoxit Blueprint

  • manufacturing
  • base materials
  • 330


  • extra materials and skills
  • IV

    Mercoxit Processing

  • 500

    Vitreous Mercoxit

  • reprocessing
  • material/mineral
  • 330


  • other
  • 0.05

    Damage Cloud Chance

  • 11546

    Damage Cloud Type