Condensed Scordite

Condensed Scordite is a close cousin of normal Scordite, but with 5% better yield. The increase may seem insignificant, but matters greatly to new miners where every ISK counts.

Scordite is amongst the most common ore types in the known universe. It has a large portion of tritanium plus a fair bit of pyerite. Good choice for those starting their mining careers.

Available in 1.0 security status solar systems or lower.

  • structure
  • 1.0E+35 kg


  • 0.15m³ packaged


  • miscellaneous
  • 12193

    Reprocessing Skill

  • z 5 246.00

    Base Price

  • z 100

    Total Amount

  • reprocessing
  • material/mineral
  • 364


  • 182


  • other
  • 28427

    Compression Type Id

  • 100

    Compression Quantity Needed