Name Type Lv. Corporation Solar system
n/a Zalemad Uanirok Basic 1 n/a Joint Harvesting Asesamy
security: 0.65
n/a Zalen Ghasha Basic 3 n/a Civic Court Miah
security: 0.55
n/a Zallellulf Bestevar Basic 1 n/a Freedom Extension Brapelille
security: 0.67
n/a Zalloronde Aymynouel Basic 1 n/a Combined Harvest Mesybier
security: 0.47
n/a Zalmer Shara Basic 2 n/a Ducia Foundry Niyabainen
security: 0.96
n/a Zamadi Halada Basic 2 n/a Imperial Armaments Mikhir
security: 0.74
n/a Zamadi Vilmali Basic 1 n/a Court Chamberlain Irnin
security: 0.73
n/a Zamas Anagh Basic 2 n/a Sarum Family Zanka
security: 0.38
n/a Zambana Kherari Basic 3 n/a Amarr Trade Registry Omam
security: 0.32
n/a Zamon Assaus* Basic 2 n/a Sarum Family Faswiba
security: 0.35
n/a Zanere Aertan Basic 1 n/a Federal Intelligence Office Yvaeroure
security: 0.76
n/a Zanes Ilayai* Basic 2 n/a Amarr Navy Mani
security: 0.82
n/a Zanisale Virrelina* Basic 4 n/a Federal Administration Scuelazyns
security: 0.64
n/a Zanka Ariara Basic 1 n/a Joint Harvesting Unkah
security: 0.65
n/a Zaprafi Chadla Basic 1 n/a Emperor Family Nebian
security: 0.35
n/a Zar Bipima Basic 1 n/a Imperial Shipment Sukirah
security: 0.60
n/a Zarghin Shika Basic 2 n/a Zoar and Sons Mamet
security: 0.15
n/a Zarisri Chooh Basic 4 n/a Amarr Navy Dabrid
security: 0.65
n/a Zaruh Pirusafa* Basic 4 n/a Ministry of Internal Order Nahyeen
security: 0.77
n/a Zashada Gebase Basic 4 n/a Theology Council Ashab
security: 0.91
n/a Zatah Ides Basic 1 n/a Nurtura Sieh
security: 0.28
n/a Zatamaka Bammohy Basic 2 n/a Viziam Hibi
security: 0.50
n/a Zatsyaki Zageban Basic 3 n/a Amarr Navy Bapraya
security: 0.30
n/a Zefaramen Sadiri Basic 1 n/a Sarum Family Sayartchen
security: 0.79
has locator services *