Name Type Lv. Corporation Solar system
n/a Aliguet Amaneve* Basic 3 n/a Federation Navy Iges
security: 0.35
n/a Alinda Zeremshat* Basic 1 n/a Amarr Constructions Minin
security: 0.72
n/a Alkarnour Raa* Basic 4 n/a Ministry of Internal Order Shuria
security: 0.48
n/a Allaciere Achopaire* Factional Warfare 4 n/a Federal Defense Union Moclinamaud
security: 0.39
n/a Allad Bikan* Basic 2 n/a Joint Harvesting Reset
security: 0.73
n/a Allerchel Taylbeque* Factional Warfare 2 n/a Federal Defense Union Ostingele
security: 0.17
n/a Alline Henebene* Basic 2 n/a TransStellar Shipping Hakeri
security: 0.72
n/a Allottes Aistrou* Factional Warfare 3 n/a Federal Defense Union Jufvitte
security: 0.52
n/a Alloux Lour* Basic 1 n/a Roden Shipyards Jufvitte
security: 0.52
n/a Allund Uttolf* Basic 3 n/a Core Complexion Inc. Elgoi
security: 0.89
n/a Allync Fliet* Basic 4 n/a Aliastra XYY-IA
security: -0.01
n/a Almerak Yemous* Basic 2 n/a Civic Court Dresi
security: 0.62
n/a Alnavar Orger* Factional Warfare 3 n/a Tribal Liberation Force Orfrold
security: 0.23
n/a Alomas Acent* Basic 2 n/a Federal Administration Lirsautton
security: 0.84
n/a Alonaert Adyttier* Basic 4 n/a Pend Insurance Zayi
security: 0.32
n/a Alrinror Eornren* Basic 4 n/a Vherokior Tribe Eldulf
security: 0.56
n/a Alserore Allelery* Basic 4 n/a Duvolle Laboratories Maire
security: 0.69
n/a Alsinnave Fanason* Basic 3 n/a Guristas PF-QHK
security: -0.13
n/a Alurel Aciane* Basic 3 n/a Bank of Luminaire Mannar
security: 0.29
n/a Aluri Yanaguno* Basic 4 n/a Poksu Mineral Group Hampinen
security: 0.54
n/a Aluse Melfabier* Basic 4 n/a Outer Ring Excavations NM-OEA
security: -0.40
n/a Amarulyn Carnoirese* Basic 3 n/a Federation Navy Mirilene
security: 0.78
n/a Amateri Likkuni* Basic 1 n/a Ishukone Watch Korama
security: 0.77
n/a Amattold Ullbjell* Research 2 n/a Boundless Creation Turnur
security: 0.39
has locator services *