Exploit Notification - Market and LP value manipulation for PvP kills

by EVE Online Team1:00pm on Thursday 30th November 2023


Since the release of Havoc two weeks ago, it has become apparent that certain player groups have utilized both market manipulation as well as repeatedly destroyed their own characters (in some cases hundreds of times) in order to farm large amounts of Malakim Zealots Loyalty Points (LP) way faster than intended. Warnings have already been issued to the groups that were the biggest offenders along with confiscation of the LP and Blueprints that was acquired in this way.

Any groups that are found to be manipulating the market to increase the amount of LP gained from destroying friendly targets, or repeatedly farming large amounts of friendly targets, will be punished in accordance with our exploit section of the EVE Online Terms of Service.

Likewise, this exploit is now once again included in our Known & Declared Exploits list.