Eleven at Eleven 24 hour SKIN sale on now!

by CCP Convict1:30pm on Monday 11th November 2019

For 24 hours only, you can get a mega bundle of 11 SKINs for 11 PLEX each, as well as a whopping 40% off selected SKINs all in EVE Online's New Eden Store! You have until 11:00 UTC on 12 November to grab these offers.

11x11 Mega Bundle (11 SKINs at 11 PLEX each) - save 90% if you purchase the bundle!

Bundle includes: - Oracle Raata Sunset SKIN - Gnosis Midnight SKIN - Tengu Ultra Jungle (Magneto) SKIN - Enforcer Firewatch SKIN - Badger Steel Cardinal SKIN - Algos Kopis Edge SKIN - Dominix Ruby Sungrazer SKIN - Paladin Star Captain SKIN - Mammoth Lodestrike SKIN - Rupture Snowline Bladeracer SKIN - Skiff Digmaster Blazon SKIN

And take advantage of 40% off the following skins:

  • Claw Valklear Glory SKIN
  • Stiletto Valklear Glory SKIN
  • Stabber Valklear Glory SKIN
  • Claymore Valklear Glory SKIN
  • Cyclone Valklear Glory SKIN
  • Tempest Valklear Glory SKIN
  • Maelstrom Valklear Glory SKIN
  • Vargur Valklear Glory SKIN
  • Fenrir Valklear Glory SKIN
  • Nomad Valklear Glory SKIN
  • Lif Valklear Glory SKIN
  • Ragnarok Valklear Glory SKIN
  • Malediction EoM SKIN
  • Crusader EoM SKIN
  • Vengeance EoM SKIN
  • Heretic EoM SKIN
  • Curse EoM SKIN
  • Pilgrim EoM SKIN
  • Augoror Navy Issue EoM SKIN
  • Zealot EoM SKIN
  • Sacrilege EoM SKIN
  • Providence EoM SKIN
  • Archon EoM SKIN
  • Aeon EoM SKIN
  • Merlin Steel Cardinal SKIN
  • Heron Steel Cardinal SKIN
  • Crow Steel Cardinal SKIN
  • Raptor Steel Cardinal SKIN
  • Flycatcher Steel Cardinal SKIN
  • Vulture Steel Cardinal SKIN
  • Nighthawk Steel Cardinal SKIN
  • Rokh Steel Cardinal SKIN
  • Raven Steel Cardinal SKIN
  • Scorpion Steel Cardinal SKIN
  • Phoenix Steel Cardinal SKIN
  • Minokawa Steel Cardinal SKIN
  • Wyvern Steel Cardinal SKIN
  • Taranis Serpentis SKIN
  • Catalyst Serpentis SKIN
  • Thorax Serpentis SKIN
  • Phobos Serpentis SKIN
  • Iteron Mark V Serpentis SKIN
  • Eos Serpentis SKIN
  • Hyperion Serpentis SKIN
  • Obelisk Serpentis SKIN
  • Anshar Serpentis SKIN
  • Moros Serpentis SKIN
  • Nyx Serpentis SKIN
  • Covetor Lodestrike SKIN
  • Rorqual Lodestrike SKIN