Save Big on Skill Point Bundles

by EVE Online Team11:00am on Wednesday 17th July 2024

Skillful capsuleers,

In the ever-changing spacescape of New Eden, the need for new skills is ever present. For a limited time, you can skyrocket your training for less, with amazing discounts on Skill Point bundles in the EVE and New Eden stores! These bundles each combine two of the existing SP bundles, and include free Upwell SKINs as well. In addition to a wealth of instant Skill Points, they also include cerebral accelerators, greatly speeding up regular training, so you can get the skills you’re after in record time. Don’t miss out on this chance to save up to 35% on massive Skill Point deals, maximize your training, and look great while doing it!

The bundles include brand new Equinox Era SKINs that transform your ships with stunning visual effects, dynamic lighting, and sleek designs. From glowing klaxons and holographic displays to impressive exhaust flames, these SKINs make your vessels stand out in New Eden, ensuring you look spectacular in any operation. Don't miss the chance to enhance your fleet with these limited-time visual upgrades, designed by T’Amber!


The discounted bundles include

  1. Aspiring Capsuleer Bundle

    • Apprentice & Novice bundles – 25% off!

    • 400,000 Instant Skill Points

    • Genius & Expert “Boost” Cerebral Accelerators

    • Upwell SKINs for Prospect, Endurance & Porpoise

  2. Expert Capsuleer Bundle

    • Graduate & Prodigy bundles – 30% off!

    • 1,750,000 Instant Skill Points

    • Specialist & Advanced “Boost” Cerebral Accelerators

    • Upwell SKINs for Hulk, Skiff, Mackinaw & Orca

  3. Masterful Capsuleer Bundle

    • Prodigy & Master bundles – 35% off!

    • 2,800,000 Instant Skill Points

    • Advanced & Standard “Boost” Cerebral Accelerators

    • Upwell SKINs for Hulk, Skiff, Mackinaw, Orca & Rorqua


In addition to these fantastic bundles, the New Eden Store is offering a special discount on Skill Extractors. You can now get 20% off packs of 10 or 50 Skill Extractors!

  • 10 Skill Extractors – 952 PLEX (was 1190)

  • 50 Skill Extractors – 4480 PLEX (was 5600)

Retrain your skills, extract the ones you don't need, and trade them on the market to optimize your training strategy. This is the perfect opportunity to tailor your skills precisely to your needs and stay ahead in the competitive environment of New Eden.

Act now to secure these fantastic deals before they go away. These offers are valid until 24 July at 23:59 UTC and each bundle can be purchased once per account.