Community Beat for 19 July

by EVE Online Community Team11:50am on Friday 19th July 2024

Hello space friends, and welcome to the second Community Beat in July!

This time around we'd like to shine the spotlight on a few awesome videos that caught our attention. Starting off, we have Rist Gaming with his recording of the near 2 Trillion ISK fight that took place in Ignoitton over a Metenox Moon Drill last week. This massive brawl unfolds bit by bit in the vid where you see Rist piloting a Machariel at the start, and then multiboxes two Zirnitras as the fight progresses. Lowsec is popping. Check it out!

Next up, is a shorter video by deimos24, where he flies a Capacitor Flux Coil fit, cap stable Ferox Navy Issue. Gotta love fits that make the enemy think you must be running out of cap boosters soon, but little do they know you haven't chugged a single one!

The third video we'd like to shine a spotlight on is one by the infamous rhiload, who made a name for himself with the "ZKILL GUIDE" videos back in the day. In this video however, he's piloting a Minokowa and doing his best to keep his outnumbered fleetmembers in Ravens alive as they receive volley after volley of missiles from enemy Barghests.

If you're an aspiring Logi pilot you don't want to miss this one.

The Fourth video we'd like to spotlight is a remote repair gang that Pando did on his stream yesterday. In this fight they're using Large Ancillary Remote Shield boosting Squalls, one of his go-to tanky fleetcomps that let you brawl and take the enemy by surprise by the amount of logi you have. Definitely worth a watch!

Next up, there's this clip of roleplaying gone wrong?right? from TalesofLumin.

It's too good, click here and just watch it. :D You won't regret it 😂

Next up, we'd like to shine a spotlight on a pretty cool guide to running exploration sites - specifically the Standard Sleeper Cache. We don't often shoutout reddit posts, but this one was such a comprehensive writeup that we didn't want you to miss it.

Here's the writeup, and then there's also a video to go with it too.

We also want to take the opportunity to shoutout our partners over at JustAbout, where there are constantly bounties up for content where you could make a bit of irl ISK. It's latest bounty is for making a cinematic planet flyby, but it also has bounties for ship fittings, battle reports & stories, killmail of the week, and a grand mystery challenge and more!

Head over to their site to see the Live Bounties they have going on right now, over at JustAbout. Seriously, you could sub an extra account or two or three or four for some of these!


A Community Beat wouldn't be complete without some art! Luckily, reddit user Rhaps9000 made a neat comic dubbed "The Recycle of Life" to help our newbros to get a hang of Eve.


That's all for this episode of the Community Beat. We're excited to see what you guys do as the summer progresses. Maybe there are some gamers out there doing MJD carrier shenanigans? (please record! we want to see!) I guess time will tell ;)

Until next time!


p.s. we hope you're all as happy as Wallymarts is with the Patch Notes. Just see how happy he is: