Golden Omber

Golden Omber spurred one of the largest gold rushes in the early days of space faring, when isogen was the king of minerals. The 10% extra yield it offers over common Omber was all it took to make it the most sought after ore for a few years.

Omber is a common ore that is still an excellent ore for novice miners as it has a sizeable portion of isogen, as well as some tritanium and pyerite. A few trips of mining this and a novice is quick to rise in status.

Available in 0.7 security status solar systems or lower.

  • structure
  • 1.0E+35 kg


  • 0.6m³ packaged


  • miscellaneous
  • 12190

    Reprocessing Skill

  • z 45 020.00

    Base Price

  • z 100

    Total Amount

  • reprocessing
  • material/mineral
  • 880


  • 110


  • 94


  • other
  • 28415

    Compression Type Id

  • 100

    Compression Quantity Needed