Crystalline Crokite

Crystalline crokite is the stuff of legend in 0.0 space. Not only does it give a 10% greater yield than regular crokite, but chunks of the rock glitter beautifully in just the right light, making crystalline crokite popular as raw material for jewelry.

Crokite is a very heavy ore that is always in high demand because it has the largest ratio of nocxium for any ore in the universe. Valuable deposits of zydrine and tritanium can also be found within this rare ore.

Available primarily in 0.0 security status solar systems or lower.

  • structure
  • 1.0E+35 kg


  • 16m³ packaged


  • miscellaneous
  • 12182

    Reprocessing Skill

  • z 1 680 088.00

    Base Price

  • z 100

    Total Amount

  • reprocessing
  • material/mineral
  • 23 100


  • 836


  • 149


  • other
  • 28392

    Compression Type Id

  • 100

    Compression Quantity Needed