Name Type Lv. Corporation Solar system
n/a Aakeo Oshaima Event Mission 2 n/a Wiyrkomi Corporation
n/a Abishi Tin Event Mission 1 n/a School of Applied Knowledge Hitanishio
security: 0.95
n/a Abotur Kverkinn Event Mission 2 n/a Vherokior Tribe
n/a Abrikoum Arvarz Event Mission 5 n/a Inherent Implants Warouh
security: 0.53
n/a Achoure Ahreres Event Mission 5 n/a Impetus Sota
security: 0.32
n/a Adari Jammalgen Event Mission 3 n/a Republic Security Services
n/a Ader Finn Event Mission 1 n/a Amarr Trade Registry
n/a Adilfert Abina Event Mission 5 n/a Six Kin Development Vard
security: 0.38
n/a Adirel Vientes Event Mission 1 n/a University of Caille Odotte
security: 0.87
n/a Aelwara Duld Event Mission 5 n/a The Leisure Group Altrinur
security: 0.77
n/a Afresouret Isiene Event Mission 5 n/a Federal Freight Aclan
security: 0.51
n/a Ahan Hemirin Event Mission 5 n/a Kor-Azor Family Ranni
security: 0.37
n/a Ain Ikani Event Mission 1 n/a Amarr Navy Youl
security: 0.84
n/a Airkio Yanjulen Event Mission 4 n/a Guristas
n/a Aisha Gojivi Event Mission 3 n/a Sukuuvestaa Corporation
n/a Aivira Ogimo Event Mission 5 n/a Lai Dai Corporation Irjunen
security: 0.52
n/a Aivolen Lisika Event Mission 5 n/a Deep Core Mining Inc. Hogimo
security: 0.56
n/a Aivoras Ahtainio Event Mission 5 n/a Chief Executive Panel Alikara
security: 0.71
n/a Akelf Ortar Event Mission 4 n/a Republic Justice Department
n/a Akemon Tolan Event Mission 4 n/a Amarr Navy
n/a Akhwa Meryi Event Mission 1 n/a Hedion University Akhwa
security: 0.88
n/a Akiai Tayukainen Event Mission 5 n/a Echelon Entertainment Uesuro
security: 0.52
n/a Akira Helkelen Event Mission 3 n/a Zainou
n/a Akraun Maertigor Event Mission 2 n/a Six Kin Development
has locator services *