Dark Blood Hunter

Subject: Dark Blood Hunter (ID: Modified Bhaalgorn)
Military Specifications: Battleship-class vessel. Heavily modified for increased armor and enhanced laser penetration.
Additional Intelligence: The Bhaalgorn variant used exclusively by Dark Blood Hunters betrays the ship's design goal: direct engagement with capsuleer ships. The outer hull is reinforced with a further 18 inches of armor plating. Energy turrets are fitted with a molten salt cooling system, allowing a “hotter” discharge. To accommodate the obscene power needs, a full two-thirds of the crew space is replaced with additional power generators. Ironically, the ship's advanced composition also makes it a tempting target for many capsuleers, as Dark Blood Hunter wreckage often contains advanced modules exclusive to the Blood Raider Covenant.
Analyst Rurkanid, CDIA.Authorized for capsuleer dissemination.

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