True Sansha Archduke

Subject: True Sansha Archduke (ID: Modified Nightmare)
Military Specifications: Battleship-class vessel. Heavily modified for increased armor and weapon system performance.
Additional Intelligence: The Archduke Nightmare variant is favored by Sansha military outpost commanders. While perhaps not as advanced as the ships flown by Sansha incursion forces, the Archduke is clearly built with the lessons from capsuleer battles in mind: Molten salt coolant systems allow for overcharged energy turrets. Physical link cables connect key True Slave crew members directly to their ship commander, preventing any electronic interference from affecting the crew. Supplemental adaptive armor plates line the hull. This is all in addition to several proprietary Nation modules and other experimental tech found exclusively, if inconsistently, among models of the Archduke variant.
Analyst Atros, CDIA.Authorized for capsuleer dissemination.

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