Slave Tama01

Once an inhabitant of Tama V, the individual known as “Slave Tama01” was abducted and, almost overnight, turned into a capsuleer capable of piloting a Wvyern-class Supercarrier. Shortly after this drastic transformation, she returned to Tama V under the flag of the Nation, standing as an example of Sansha's plan for the people he was abducting. The message of that example, however, was repeatedly rebuked by the coalition of capsuleers that rallied against the invading Nation forces, as happened at the battle that took place above Tama V upon her return. Although her Wyvern was destroyed she was repeatedly sighted in a new one shortly afterwards, claiming in public comms that after joining Sansha's Nation she was now impossible to stop.

  • reward
  • 0Z


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    Security Reward

  • damage
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    Rate of Fire

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    Optimal Range

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    Tracking speed

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    Full Shield Recharge

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