Captain Aneika Sareko

Known across Delve for her ruthless rise to Captain of the Crimson Hand fleet, Sareko has built a reputation for no-nonsense dealings and zero tolerance for insubordination. Of Caldari descent, she is primarily interested in business and getting the job done, but when clients' arrangements start to look suspect, her Sani Sabik side comes out in force. One particular story bears out the truth of this, although it has never been substantiated by CONCORD.

Apparently, during a particularly successful SARO raid deep into Delve, officers came across what appeared to be a cloning facility. Inside, however, the infrastructure had been converted into a prison of sorts. Rebellious Crimson Hand personnel had been cloned and subjected to a daily regime of capital punishment. Unofficial sources claimed they had been locked up inside their capsule prisons for as long as nine months, dying a new death each day only to be reborn to suffer it all over again.

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