Captain Artey Vinck

Angel Captain Artey Vinck used to be one of the most successful civilian traders in the entire Nadire constellation of Sinq Laison, a place known for ruthlessly competitive trading practices. As with many booming Gallentean traders, his success eventually put him in the crosshairs of the criminal underworld. Recognizing an opportunity to shift their goods deep inside Federation space, Serpentis thugs threatened him with financial ruin if he didn't begin smuggling boosters for them.

Their extortion attempt ended poorly, however, when Vinck decided to go over their heads and cut a far more lucrative and efficient deal with their superiors. Days later they were all dead and Vinck vanished down the path of piracy and narcotics peddling. Since that time he has never been directly linked to any criminal activity, although in recent times he is rumored to have begun leading countless operations involving X-Instinct sales, both inside Federation space and beyond.

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