Lieutenant Thora Faband

Though she was once an honorary member of their tribe, Thora Faband's name is one the Thukkers would nowadays rather forget. For almost a decade, she earned their trust under the guise of a failed trader seeking new beginnings. Over time she built up a foundation of goodwill and support, eventually earning a position as a production overseer in a covert facility said to be hidden deep inside the B-ROFP system.

For almost a full year, she secretly turned the Thukkers' production capabilities toward her own ends, manufacturing massive amounts of the illegal X-Instinct booster. When her plans were eventually uncovered, she convinced the Thukkers that she had been producing them for use in their own roaming caravan fleets. Before the matter could be resolved by the tribal elders, however, she had destroyed the facility, stolen all the stock and vanished south toward the Heaven constellation.

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    Security Reward

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