Deltole Tegmentum

Subject: Prototype Nation Vessel (ID:Deltole Tegmentum)
Military Specifications: Battleship-class vessel. Primary roles are strong offensive power, target painting, energy warfare and long range interdiction. The second most powerful vessel amongst the new Nation prototypes in terms of potential damage output. Moderate microwarp velocity. Long range warp disruption capabilities. Long range target painting. Short range capacitor neutralization.
Additional Intelligence: Est. 450,000 civilian abductions from Deltole I. The Tegmentum identifier suggests that this vessel serves a foundational role for the other battleship-class variants, most likely in terms of design origin. The multitude of tactical capabilities present in this vessel's design lend support to the theory that it was a test bed for a variety of Nation developments ahead of their applications in other vessel types.
Synopsis from ISHAEKA-0065. DED Special Operations.Authorized for Capsuleer dissemination.

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