True Sansha Foreman

Subject: True Sansha Foreman (ID: Modified Phantasm)
Military Specifications: Cruiser-class vessel. Modified for increased mining efficiency of local Slaves.
Additional Intelligence: Pre-YC 113, the True Sansha Foreman variant was once a rare sight outside of the Sansha home region of Stain. As an alternative to capsuleer-dependent strip mining, the Foreman is specially designed to coordinate large crews of Slaves in a local deadspace pocket. Exact figures are difficult to determine, but mining Slaves under the Foreman seem to operate at around 125% efficiency. This link is both fragile and experimental. If the link is violently severed (i.e. the Foreman is destroyed), the affected Slaves in the mining equipment are damaged and unable to continue their work.
Analyst Fawlon, Ministry of Assessment.Authorized for capsuleer dissemination.

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    Security Reward

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