Arnon Epithalamus

Subject: Prototype Nation Vessel (ID: Arnon Epithalmus)
Military Specifications: Cruiser-class vessel. Primary role is extreme range ECM support. Low microwarp velocity. Long range missile support.
Additional Intelligence: There were no reported civilian abductions from the invasion of Arnon III, IX and XI. The Arnon identifier suggests a number of captives may have been initially unaccounted for, as with the Eystur Rhomben and Renyn Meten variants. This supports previous conjecture that Nation's synchronized attacks on multiple planets were at least partly designed to aid in covert abduction. The Epithalmus identifier suggests a unifying role between the cruiser-class prototypes and other hull classes, and perhaps an additional regulatory role in crew emotional response, similar to the suspected behavior of the Tama Cerebellum variant.
Synopsis from ISHAEKA-0049. DED Special Operations.Authorized for Capsuleer dissemination.

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