Whispers in the Dark - (3 of 4) - The Spy Drones [ comments: 0 ]


Type Courier
Target Transport Medium sized sealed cargo containers (300 m3)
Mission briefing Now that we've established the general location of the Sanshas activity within ***, it's actually time to find out exactly what they are building. In your last mission you destroyed one of their construction block transports, but this brings us no closer to finding their base of operations. We've had no luck interrogating the mindless creatures before, and the surveillance teams we have sent to investigate the area have either found nothing or disappeared. This leaves us with very few options. But after brainstorming possible solutions to our problem, I came up with a devious plan.
We have in our possession so called 'spy drones', straight from our science labs, which attach themselves to a nearby ships hull and emits a low frequency signal which is picked up by one of our beacons which are strewn around ***, which in turn sends a high frequency signal to our control tower in ***.
Now we know that an agent of the Sansha's Nation regularly picks up shipments of Ectoplasm at a certain station near here. If we can place the spy drone into his next shipment, this might allow us to track his ship to its destination.
Our men have placed beacons throughout our constellation, so everything is in place. All you need to do is take these crates filled with ectoplasm, and our spy drones, to the station specified in your journal, our agents there will take care of the rest. With luck we'll soon know the location of the Sansha base.

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