Arcalane Celso
9:31am 2007 Wednesday 16th May 2007 If you linger too long in the first room, 2 Destroyers (Marauder Alvior) and a Frigate (Strain Sunder Alvi) may spawn near the asteroid colony. The Frigate isn't a hazard, but the Destroyers will probably try to kite you at 15km (thus out of range for most destroyers or frigates), and can lay out some serious hurt if you're in a Destroyer, so be careful!

Other than that, it's a cakewalk for a decently skilled Coercer pilot.

A Decimator Alvi may spawn as you polish off the Destroyers, so stay sharp and pop it.

Scoop up as many minerals as you can. They'll add a nice sum on top of your mission reward if you work for an industrial corp. ;)

Reward off a Quality 0 Agent with no modifications or skills was 115k base, 115k bonus. :)