Materials For War Preparation [ comments: 4 ]


Type Trade
Target Get 999 Veldspar (99.9 m3)
Mission briefing We are escalating our production so we can increase our military strength in light of recent political upheavals in the world. Increased production requires more minerals. I want you to get 999 units of Veldspar to one of our main production facilities. Your help will undoubtedly get a positive response from other corporate members.

This is an important mission, which will have significant impact on your faction standings.

Tips: Implant +1 as reward

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9:32am 2006 Monday 27th November 2006 1665 scordite for +2 memory implantPtichko
same here
1:58am 2006 Thursday 19th October 2006 1665 scordite for +2 memory implant
10:55am 2006 Tuesday 17th October 2006 1665 Omber

+2 Willpower Implant (got this twice now)

Also Got the 1665 Scordite offer but I got a +2 Perception implant not a +1
6:48pm 2006 Thursday 5th October 2006 1665 Scordite and got a +1 Imp