10:40pm 2006 Thursday 13th July 2006 I got the following spawn last time I got this mission:

group 1:
1x Tower Sentry Sansha I (30,000 bounty)
2x Centii Plague (7,875 bounty)
1x Centii Enslaver (7,500 bounty)

group 2:
1x Centior Cannibal (11,813 bounty)
3x Centior Devourer (12,375 bounty)
1x Centior Abomination (13,500 bounty)

group 3:
2x Centatis Phantasm (listed as Sansha's Spy; 131,250 bounty)

Structures with loot: none


Just ran this mission again and got a different spawn. It looks like they're just mixing up the NPCs a little bit, but you keep the same type and number of craft (1 tower, 3 frigates for the first group, 5 destroyers in the second group, 2 battlecruisers in the third group). I guess it's not worth reporting the minor differences in spawns from one mission to the next.