Seek and Destroy [ comments: 5 ]



Type DeadSpace
Target Kill all NPC's
Steps 1
Mission briefing ???

Mission Step # 1



Step Type warp
Number of Spawns 2
NPC's Attack after warp yes
Your Shield/Armor resists
Your Damage type

Spawn # 1
  Name Bounty($)       orb. vel.
4 × Corelum Chief Spy 43 125 0 0 15 21 725 41 51 21 31 2750 360
825 41 51 21 31
Spawn # 2
  Name Bounty($)       orb. vel.
2 × Guardian Veteran 30 000 0 0 27 20 455 0 60 40 20 1000 250 1 +
325 0 60 40 20
1 × Shadow Corelum Chief Safeguard 71 250 0 0 25 50 1100 45 55 25 35 5125 360 +
1350 45 55 25 35

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4:48pm 2007 Friday 21st September 2007 Mission briefing
A few of those dratted Serpentis pirate vessels have been terrorizing passersby in a nearby system. We require you to find and destroy them. You will be supplied with a bookmark to the last known location of the enemy ships. We need them put out of business ASAP, so get going.
4:20am 2007 Wednesday 24th January 2007 Just a quick add. I was definately getting hit with Thunderbolt Heavy Missiles in this mission. EM damage. A type not listed on the site.

~Correction: That was for this mission under Sanshas Nation... which is not included on this site
9:14am 2006 Tuesday 14th November 2006 Just did this, here's what I fought

Spawn 1:
2 chief safeguards
2 chief guards

Spawn 2:
1 squad leader (battlecruiser)
2 guardian veterans (webbing frigs)

I took on spawn 1, and spawn 2 aggroed halfway through the fight, oh well.

edit: hey, that's what everyone else fought too! shows what I get for posing while fighting and too busy to read. hey admins, update this. ;p
Oh, and I assume the reason the second spawn aggroed is that I have a blaster AF, so I have to get in close, so that probably got me too close to the second spawn.

edit#2: Um, a third Safeguard spawned while I was halfway through the fight. And then another Chief Guard as I was finishing off the BC. They didn't seem to be part of the mission, because I got the Mission Completed message without killing the extra Chief Guard. And it's not like it was that slow a fight, either.

PS: I hate fucking no-MWD deadspaces! picking up loot is so boring!
12:55pm 2006 Thursday 7th September 2006 hmm 2nd time i did mission it were different then first.

7 npc first

corelum chief safeguard X2 thorax

corelum chief guard X2 thorax

Guardian Veteran x2 Tristan

Corelatis platoon leader BC Brutix X1

2nd spawn had 1 thorax
Eddie Knight
5:46pm 2006 Saturday 29th July 2006 Hello, this mission was changed. The 2 groups are now:

Group 1:
2x Corelum Chief Guard
2x Corelum Chief Safeguard

Group 2:
2x Guardian Veteran
1x Corelatis Platoon Leader

I am sorry I forgot to take a screenshot. Also, I think, but I am not sure (as I was alt+tabing when I started to warp out) but I think the 1st group respawns.