War Situation - Part 3 [ comments: 2 ]


Amarr Empire

Type Kill
Target Kill all NPC's
Steps 1
Mission briefing Those messages you delivered were essential, thank you. The Amarrians screwed up and want us to clean up their mess, what a day.
One of their generals has gone crazy. He ignored orders, broke communications with his commanding officers and then disappeared into thin air. They believe he might be heading our way, apparently he thinks an all-out war has started and wants to be a part of it. We picked up a small Amarrian presence nearby and want you to go and check it out.
Fix this little problem for us and you will be well rewarded.

Mission Step # 1


Amarr Empire

Step Type spot
Number of Spawns 1
NPC's Attack after warp yes
Your Shield/Armor resists
Your Damage type

Spawn # 1
  Name Bounty($)       orb. vel.
2 × Imperial Navy Apocalypse 0 46 0 0 37 4000 0 60 40 20 3500 400 2 +
5000 0 60 40 20
4 × Imperial Navy Soldier 0 78 0 0 52 250 0 60 40 20 1000 400
275 0 60 40 20
2 × Imperial Navy Maller 0 30 0 0 38 1200 0 60 40 20 20000 350
1800 0 60 40 20

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Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA
9:12am 2006 Saturday 19th August 2006 Apparently there has been a change. Part 3 is in Deadspace, although the ship count is the same. Also the Apoc are fast as hell getting to within about 15 Km but didn't web or warp scramble me at all (Thank goodness!)
One last note: Although the mission description doesn't say it, you must destroy all signs of the Amar presence, including the Lookout Tower.
10:07pm 2006 Friday 11th August 2006 Okay, this part 3 deals out serious dmg. It broke my ferox tank surprisingly fast. However, that was because I mistakenly concentrated on trying to take out the 2 apocs first, which takes a bit of time.

Instead, take out the soldiers. There are 5 of them and they deal massive dmg on a continual basis. But they fall very fast. Take them out first, which will decrease dmg from enemies significantly. Then, go for the mallers, and save the apocs for last (counter-intuitive, I know, but it works).

You can warp out after the soldiers, if you need to. Warp back and take out the mallers. Then again warp out (if necessary). If not just hang out and start pounding away at the apocs.