War Situation - Part 2 [ comments: 3 ]


Type Courier
Target Delivery 1 Reports (0.1 m3)
Mission briefing Those reports you just delivered to me were of great importance, it seems as thought the the Amarrians have made a huge mistake and want us to correct it for them.
Before I can tell you more I need you to pass this info on to a nearby agent.

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5:24pm 2007 Saturday 19th May 2007 No, it was wholly different for me - I had the two courier missions and not the combat ones.

Perhaps the nature of the mission depends on faction?
Seattle, WA
9:01am 2007 Friday 18th May 2007 Yes. The first two parts of the mission have been removed. Now parts 3 and 4 are parts 1 and 2, and there is no longer a 3 and 4.
9:51pm 2007 Thursday 17th May 2007 I completed the mission for a Minmatar corp and was not offered Part 3. :