War Situation - Part 1 [ comments: 5 ]


Type Courier
Target Delivery 1 Reports (0.1 m3)
Mission briefing The Republic needs you! Communications have been down all day. I need you to go and get me today's status reports. I have a feeling something big is going to happen today.

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2:56am 2007 Monday 10th September 2007 Just to let you all know - you don't actually have to do this mission. Just buy a big stack of "Reports" and complete it in the station.

Then just trash the mission one the next time you undock.
6:28pm 2007 Monday 23rd July 2007 same here - took it from a matari agent:

2x Amarr Navy Apocalypse
2x Amarr Navy Maller
4x Amarr Navy Soldier

no scram - the mission objective is to destroy their lookout - very easy mission.
Seattle, WA
8:37pm 2007 Wednesday 18th April 2007 Completely different for me. It is now a 2 part mission about an Amarrian general that has run off and started causing troubles when he shouldn't be.
3:23am 2007 Wednesday 7th February 2007 BarmaLINI : unchanged : revelations patch
11:27pm 2007 Tuesday 6th February 2007 This mission has not changed post-revelations