The Right Hand Of Zazzmatazz [ comments: 29 ]


The Seven

Type DeadSpace (no gate)
Target Kill all NPC's & destroy Outpost HQ
Steps 1
Mission briefing Something urgent just came up. A convoy delivering foodstuffs to *** was ambushed in *** by pirates which we identified as members of 'The Seven'. There pirates have crossed our path before, and are not to be taken lightly. They belong to an organization which split itself from the Serpentis many years ago, and has grown quite large in a surprisingly short amount of time. Their leader uses the nickname 'Zazzmatazz', which you might have heard of if you're into Gallente films.
Anyway, the convoy escort drove off the pirate attack and chased them to their outpost. Only a handful of ships urvived the battle that ensued. They report being attacked by none other than Zor, Zazzmatazzes right hand man. If their tale is correct, then we have an excellent opportunity to strike at The Seven's top leadership. His death will be a serious blow to the organization, no doubt.
So your orders are: Fly to The Seven outpost in Uosusuokko and destroy their forces. Zor must not escape. Good luck.

Mission Step # 1


The Seven

Step Type spot
Number of Spawns 3
NPC's Attack after warp yes
Your Shield/Armor resists
Your Damage type
Structures with loot Outpost Headquarters, Black Market Facility

Spawn # 1
  Name Bounty($)       orb. vel.
1 × Schmidt 75 000 30 0 0 36 1150 0 60 40 20 5000 400 1 +
135 0 0 0 1650 0 60 40 20
1 × Zor 500 000 0 0 0 0 5800 0 60 40 20 20000 400 2 +
0 0 0 563 4575 0 60 40 20
1 × Mercenary Overlord 250 000 0 0 24 96 3975 0 60 40 20 3500 400 2 +
0 0 162 0 3500 0 60 40 20
2 × Seven Deathguard 14 500 0 23 45 54 300 15 50 45 30 5000 500
0 135 0 0 225 15 50 45 30
2 × Seven Thug 50 000 0 0 8 32 950 40 50 50 43 2000 400
850 40 50 50 43
1 × Seven Assassin 100 000 45 36 18 0 1600 55 50 55 55 15000 400
0 203 0 0 1150 55 50 55 55
3 × Seven Bodyguard 110 000 53 42 21 0 1700 0 60 40 20 20000 400
0 0 338 0 1200 0 60 40 20
Spawn # 2
  Name Bounty($)       orb. vel.
2 × Mercenary Wingman 30 000 25 20 10 0 325 15 50 45 30 8500 900 1 +
0 83 0 0 325 15 50 45 30
Spawn # 3
  Name Bounty($)       orb. vel.
2 × Mercenary Wingman 30 000 25 20 10 0 325 15 50 45 30 8500 900 1 +
0 83 0 0 325 15 50 45 30

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9:28am 2007 Monday 17th September 2007 Easy as pie

Kinda wondered about resists then just went Invul 2/ Thermal 2 on a drake, lowest I got was 69% shield - no fancy maneuvering or anything

2 t2 resists, 2 t2 shield recharge, 2 t2 lg extender
3t2 spr, t2 bcu
3 field purgers

Raven probably woulda handled it much worse, but with only 2 bs to kill, 7 heavy launchers and 5 t2 drones didnt have any trouble at all
12:32am 2007 Tuesday 26th June 2007 Easiest way to finish: use a passiv drake with field purger rigs.

warp to 100. stop. warp to 100. you'll get out about 85 km from the ships. just let them get in your range and align to a gate or something with half speed. zor is using cruise missiles every second to fire. this is easy to tank with fully tech II equipped drake!

just did the mission in 20 minutes with my drake.

7 x Heavy Missile Launcher II (Scourge)

1 x Invu Field II
3 x Large F-S9 Regolith Shield Extender
2 x Shield Recharger II

2 x BCU II
2 x SPR II

Shield never get under 70% ... so fine and easy mission
2:28am 2007 Friday 4th May 2007 I received this mission for the first time from a new agent tonight, so as usual i decided to first inform myself and after reading this thread i said to myself "omg not another wc or guerista extrava, where u need to sit on edge and take care not to die"

To my surprise i realised that this was the easiest lvl 4 mission i ever did...

OK here is the clue:
I have 2 accounts and play simultaneous (both have 24+ Million SP)

My tank is an Abaddon with 4 Mega pulse, 4 heavy diminishing nos's, 1-2 reppers apart from an allover resist of 85-88%.

My support and main damage dealer is a Raven with 6 crusie, 1 drone link aug, and 1 remote repper.

The trick as in all the missions is i warp in take all the aggro and then my supporter warps in. I Nos my supporter and if need be he can remote rep if my reppers cant handle the damage. We can keep the remote repper and my reppers running 24/7 without any cap issues, due to the fact that my support has 9200 cap and a recharge rate of 171 seconds in total.

In this mission i didnt even bother who to kill first i just sat there and killed anything in range, the only thing i made sure is that i warped in at 100Km and my supporter warped in at 30Km to me. We both aligned just incase, seeing this was the first time i played this specific mission.

After 15 minutes all was over and 10 more minutes and we had salvaged and looted the wrecks.

Conclusion: I am sure this mission is not as easy if soloed but definatly not as hard as some ppl stated exept if ppl want to do lvl4 missions with 3 month old characters.
1:12pm 2007 Saturday 14th April 2007 completed in my uber scorp!

can you add this mission back to the list, it still exists!

Anyways 4 zw 4100 torp launchers rof of 14.5 seconds ish 2 heavy nos 1 is an e500

mids 1 xl booster 2 1 boost amp 1 6 hardeners as follows

2 passive t2 kin 1 (skill @ level 4)
1 invuln (t1)
1 em passive t2 (skill @ level 2)
1 heat passive t2 (level 2 again)
1 heat (ditriag) active

lows 2 pdu 2 1 bcu 2 1 damage control

hardest ships to kill, seven bodyguards, armor recharge is crazy, need to have drones on them as well as torps.

kill 2 or 3 easy cruisers first on warp in, take out machariel, schmidt and then zor. please note that you can take out the cruisers in this with missiles except bodyguards. to be able to launch your drones you need to gain aggro from the 4 frigates at the back that dont lock you. fire 1 missile at each

when all aggroed go kick some butt on them with your drones only, spare your missiles, play with the booster and nos's so u dont die. when all those frigs are dead get it all on the bodyguards.

please note i warped into this mission at normal distance and was at 60km from them
12:35pm 2007 Monday 9th April 2007 Dunno if this mission has changed recently or so, but I just did it in my Maelstrom with 1x Invul II, 2x Therm II, 1x DCU II, XL Booster II + Boost amp I (and BS 4), only 2x PDU II and 1x cap control circuit rig to keep the tank running, and got absolutely no issue except for some rats firing at my drones.

Warped at 100km, arrived at roughly 40km of the baddies, started to fly away while shooting them with my 4x 1400 carbine and 4x 1200 proto with depleted uranium (had them in case I had really arrived at roughly 90km) at first and then emp, with light drones on the wingmen, then med drones for the others. The only issue was the 4 frigs that are near the buildings. They didn't seem to want to aggro me, but instead kept shooting at my drones. Lost 2 lights and 1 med because of that (didn't notice it soon enough, and needed the light drones to kill them anyway, as they weren't going in my direction and kept a 300+ transversal :/).

Never went below 50% cap nor 50% shield. Sure, with a Raven (which doesn't have the boost bonus the Mael has) it would be prolly trickier, although you could replace the webber I had fitted with a second boost amp and have similar (or better if T2 or faction boost amp) tank, with probably more cap to run it as well. So, this mission may be hard with close range ship, dunno, but at 30km+ is quite a breathe when you're somewhat tanked.

PS: I have decent support skills (but only large proj turret 3), it might help, but I've been in a BS for less than a week though.
PPS: rest of the setup is a proj range rig - still have one free rig slot -, 1 tracking enhancer II, and 1 gyro II, as well as a webber in mid (depending on the missions I sometimes use a tracking comp II, or a second boost amp, although I didn't really need either yet).
8:19pm 2007 Sunday 1st April 2007 I did this in almost the same setup as bigyin's (I have arbies on my Cerb, plus two launcher RoF rigs).

Warped in at 100, which puts you about 40km from the spawns. Warped back to station, then warped back to 100km from the last BM. I'm ~130km from the rats, and I stay put. They aggro quickly, start heading towards me. Zor can hit, but doesn't do much in the way of damage.

Once they get to within 90km of you, start heading away from them and towards station where you came from. The frigs got with targetting range first, then Zor. After that Schmidt went down easy and the rest was very simple. I wound up with a chain of wrecks about 100km long.
7:13pm 2007 Friday 2nd March 2007 This mission was one of the easiest Lvl 4 missions i have done.
I used a Cerberus with this setup
highs- 5 T2 heavy launchers 1 tractor beam
mids- 1 T2 large shield extender 1 boost amp 1 kin hardener ll
1 invul ll and a small gistii A type shield booster
lows- 2 T2 BCU and 2 T2 PDU
You don't need to do high DPS in this mission as the rats don't take much to kill so the cerb is just fine . The mission will only take 15 too 20 minutes to kill them all plus 15 minutes to loot all the cans.
4:15pm 2007 Tuesday 20th February 2007 That's correct. Drones & Mercs now give some salvage :D
3:29am 2007 Sunday 18th February 2007 I just tried to salvage the wrecks in this mission, and I do get salvage now. I came up with some Burned Logic Circuit, Charred Micro Circuit, Fried Interface Circuit, Tripped Power Circuit, and some Metal Scraps.

So salvage is fixed as of 2/17/07.
9:27am 2007 Saturday 17th February 2007 Good challenging mission for a solo runner.

Thx for all the previous tips.

I did it in a Scorpion.

Warped in with a shuttle to get bearings and was able to BM and warp out before the shuttle got hit.

Came back with the scorp, put all my active hardiners on and headed for a star gate. Focused on Zor, put out light drones to get everything aggro'd, then put them back in and put out the medium T1 hammerheads. Took out Zor, the named BS, and one more ship before pulling in the drones and warping.

Returned at full health and took out the rest of the spawn. The BC's do some decent damage.

4 XT900 Siege launchers (T1) with Heat Torps, 1 Heavy E90 NOS T1
Meds: 5 Hardeners all T2 (2 Heat, 1 Kinetic, 1 EM, and 1 Invuln), Xlarge shield booster, boost amp, heavy cap booster with 400 cap charges
Lows: 3 PDS T2, 1 BCS T2
Rigs: 1 10% missle damage, 1 15% cap recharge

5 T1 Hammerhead Drones (big help, especially vs Frigs)

Pretty much had to run the shield booster and cap booster on full after about 20 sec's they got my shields to 50%; warped out once when sheilds were close to 30% and cap was breaking 40% (ran out of cap boosters else probably wouldn't have had to warp; used up 24 of the 400's though to kill 3 ships)

Loot was very nice, and I got some salvage (not as good as gurista, shansha or angel BS salvage, but it's still worthwhile to salvage after you've killed everything).
2:30pm 2007 Saturday 20th January 2007 I like to do this one a bit wierd style - using WWI battlecruiser tactics.

As with others, warp in twice to get a 100km Bookmark, then use either a fleet tempest or machariel (not tried in a maelstrom or regular tempest -probably works ok depending on fitting / skills). Machariel is favourite coz of the base speed.

HIs = 6x scout 1400mm, 2x arby cruise
Mids = 1xXL shieldboost, 1x electrochem hvy cap boost, MWD then sensor boost / tracking compys to fill the mids (need xtra lock range and weps range out to about 150km)
Lows = PDU 2's to fit the weps etc and a damage mod if possible
5x tech 2 light 5x tech 2 medium drones

Warp in to the 100km BM (usually has Zor at 130-140km) and fit a range of ammo types from uranium up to nukes (mid - long range) take zor out first, then his BS mate as others suggest. Run the XL SB fulltime and cap boost when needed.

I did try this setup originally to kill zor outside his effective missile range (about 165km) but the damage on the longest range ammo is poor plus the missiles dont reach.

The SB cant keep pace with Zor's damage -which is what makes it fun :) (until he dies).I usually pop zor with about 15-20% shield left.

If the frigs come inside 45km use the light drones and if the cruisers catch up use the mediums.

The MWD guarantees true battlecruiser principle of dictating range with battleship class weapons - you either outgun weaker opponents or outrun stronger ones. And with no "tanking" we even have the real battlecruisers achilles heal - poor "protection". IMO even with Eve's tier 2 and tech 2 battlecruisers they are more analogous to early 20th century heavy / up-gunned cruisers than battlecruisers, since they cannot mount battleship weapons. I wonder if CCP are planning to fill the gap ?

TBH, once Zor is dead it's easy, and since they nerfed deadspace rats' uber-MWD-o-DOOM-speeds I am starting to think the MWD is unnecessary - may swap to good AB and see if i can increase damage output.

Anywways, if you fancy a change and can fly the ships - this does break the monotony of raven-grinding-syndrome :D

Have fun.
12:17am 2007 Saturday 20th January 2007 Did this in a Navy Raven
Hi: 2 Arbi Siege, 5 Arbi Cruise, 1 drone aug
Mid: T2 Kin/Therm/EM/Inv, 1 Vepas Boost amp, 1 Gist X-XL shield boost
Low Coprocessor, 1 T2 PDS, 3 T2 BDS
5 T1 Hammerheads
Rigs: 3x Cap Control I
I have about 7M SP and am 5 months old

This mission was very ......yawn. I'm renaming this mission "the right hand of zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz". I actually managed to stay awake because it was so short. (Raven's really are the OMGWTFUberpwnmobiles for missions....esp with a good shield booster and 3x cap control rigs....the Navy Raven does the same, but faster). I actually had to turn on my Gist X a few times too, and the frigs/cruisers actually hit pretty hard. I killed Zor first as others have advised. The loot really stinks....a few large guns...maybe 4 mil isk overall. The outpost had the best loot. The Zor AB implant isn't worth much but it pretty cool....guess I gotta train Cyber 5 now (14 days...ugh). The Zaz bodyguard tags have no market link. Anyone know what to do with them? How about that DNA...not worth it good for anything?

10:34pm 2007 Friday 19th January 2007 TIP: Nothing to salvage if you want to do that, only loot for the taking.
8:22pm 2007 Sunday 14th January 2007 For future reference, don't do this in a domi >_<

I've done it in a Mega several times and I have it down pat now.

5 (or 6) 350mm rails with long range ammo (I use Iridium for this) with Antimatter in the cargo.
2 (or 1) Arby cruise launchers with Cataclysms.

4 Euetectics or Cap Recharger IIs
1 Sensor booster

Named or T2 damage control
Expl hardener
2 x thermal hardener

5 x Hobgoblins
4 x Ogres

Warp to 100 and target Zor. Turn directly away and find something to align to, then keep moving towards it. Kill Zor. When the frigs get within control range, send the drones after them. They should kill them before they get into webbing range.

When the frigs are dead, call back the drones and launch the ogres. Send them after the closest cruisers while you keep pounding on Zor and the other battleship.

When everything is dead, warp 10KM from the outpost and hammer it. Launch the hobs at the remaining frigs.
7:58am 2007 Friday 12th January 2007 Just stay out of range of the Overlord. if they close to 15km you're gonna get it hard.

Lost my first Raven to this mission, cause of the warp scramblers.
3:15am 2007 Thursday 11th January 2007 Fairly easy in a Drake

1x invul, Kin, Therm active hardener
3x Large Extender II

7x arbalest heavy w/scourge missiles

The thermal is bad, next time I may go 1 kinetic/2 thermal
1:24pm 2006 Thursday 28th December 2006 I have done it in Sleipnir few times without warping. My setup is:

7x 650mm II, 1x Arbalest assault launcher

1x large shield booster II, 1x invulnerability II, 1x shield boost amp, 1x cap booster (with 200), AB II

internal forcefield, 3x gyros II, 1x pds II

drones: 3x valkyrie II, 2x warrior II

I used thermal ammo and missiles. frigs pop like popcorn and they did attack my drones and managed to kill 1 warrior, then i started to shoot them and cleared them in seconds. i needed some cap boosting but i did it only to be sure i dont need to warp. my shields were always from 50 - 90%.

and u can warp in distance to this mission...
2:40pm 2006 Wednesday 27th December 2006 I use a Raven for this mission. If I peek correct my targets I don’t need to warp out.
First I warp in at 100km. Then I take out Overlord, Bodyguards, Zor and Elena. After that it’s really easy…

I use T2 em, kin, therm and invul field or kin, therm and 2x invul field. T1 missiles.

And yes there is no salvage. Don't waste your time.
7:06am 2006 Sunday 10th December 2006 As of 2006-12-10, this mission does not give salvage. All wrecks are still the generic "the Wreck" model with the message "You successfully salvage from the Wreck. Unfortunately there was nothing to be salvaged."
5:35pm 2006 Tuesday 24th October 2006 Preparing 4 BM with a Rifter around that nasty place.

Dropping cans to warp there to play cats and mouse games with Zor, Elena Gazky and their posse.

Running, tanking, repping, warping, running, tanking, repping, warping ... rock'n'rails'n'drones. They scramble? Oh yeah ...

Another harder l4 accomplished in a little t2 fitted Brutix with t1 rails and 8 Million SP :

Over! Out!

Presidente G.
4:19am 2006 Sunday 22nd October 2006 I had Elena Gazky instead of the cruiser named in the mission description.

Zor and Elena both drop DNA, otherwise nothing special.

I tried the plain Gurista setup (raven... 0%EM resist), and wound up having to warpout 2-3 times. I'd recommend a T2 kin/therm/em/exp hardener set.

Also, on the initial warp-in... warp to 15km... the next warp-in, warp to 100km. Repeat.. this will allow you some distance as the NPC's will 'bounce' back and fourth between your 2 warp-in locations. (or just fit the proper hardeners!)
Supra Ro
3:59pm 2006 Tuesday 17th October 2006 This mission has changed a bit from what is displayed. is a screen capture of how it looks for me now.
5:10pm 2006 Friday 13th October 2006 Well, I did it, in a Domi, since much of my combatskills is in drones.
At first I thought: I can never do this alone... They come in fast and pour a sh!tload of bad stuff on you. I thought it over and then noticed I the option to warp in at 100 km distance. That was not enough, so I took a shuttle, warped in at 100, BMed, got out and took the BS in at 100 km from th BM. Now we're talking!
The still come in fast, but now they're strung out: some time for my sentries to deal dead&destruction. Had to warp out once, can't tank everythin=g yet.
Came in again, sent out the heavies, since ponly the biggies are left. From that on fairly easy.
Don't know why one would think this mission is messed up. Like many missions you have to find the best way to deal with it. Depends on the ship you fly and if you are alone or not.
Salutation to the fellas in a BC, I dont think I can do that...
8:51pm 2006 Monday 9th October 2006 Hi,

I'm not sure what you mean. I am warping in at 60km which is the distance I arrive there. Time enough to kill Zor and the named cruiser before they approach, then the rest isn't hard enough to make me warping. They indeed have some nice dps at the beginning but they also drop named cargo expanders here and there.
2:53am 2006 Monday 9th October 2006 The first time you warp to it it always spawns where you land so warping to it at 100km the first time has no effect. However, you can warp out immediately then warp back to it at 100km and that will give you a little more time to deal with them. They come running at you at different speeds so they tend to string out and you can pick the MWD'ing BS off easily while he has no support. After that it isn't very difficult if you are tanked 80% or more against kinetic, thermal, and explosive.
4:34pm 2006 Wednesday 13th September 2006 APOC SETUP:

Highs - 5 t2 mega pulse, 2 t2 heavy pulse, 1 tractor beam

Mids - 1 T2 100mw ab, webber, 2 t2 cap rechargers

Low - 1 t2 l armor repper, 2 t2 energized adapt nano, 1 t2 exp, kin, & Therm Hardeners, 1 cap power relay


I'm sorry but this is a really bad build for this mission. However, you did get the right idea for going for zor and the overlord first, but unfortunately, for the apoc, it's always better to have missles for the 2 slots than 2 extra lasers. It takes less powergrid, no cap to use and do the same dps since (albeit your missle and gunnery skills are similar) the apoc doesn't give you laser dps bonus.
Anyway, DON'T release your drones right away cause if you just concentrate on the aggro of the main group, the webbers won't aggro you. ONLY release your drones when BOTH Zor and the Mercenary Overlord are dead. By now, you should have t2 med drones and if you don't, train for them asap and drone interfacing 4. Now here's my apoc build and the reasonning for it:

High: 2x 'Arba' Cruise Launcer, 6x Dual Modulated Heavy Beam Laser (Multifrequency L)

Mid: 1x Best Named Cap Booster, 1x Best Named webber, 2x Eutectic cap recharger

Low: 2x LAR II, 2x t2 Therm, 1x t2 exp, 2x t2 kin hardener, 1x EANM II

I know what your thinking, "omg, but i can already use t2 lasers." Although i know that t2 lasers are pretty awesome (mainly cause of t2 lenses) there is just not enuf cpu to go around. Also, you might think, "why 2x LAR II when i can jsut blow them up faster"; well, unless you're thinking about constantly warping in and out, you will NOT survive the initial onslaught. Unless you can kill Zor AND the Mercenary Overlord in 30 seconds or less, i suggest you tank and trust me, that's nearly impossible with the apoc.
Anyway, here's a detail reasoning behind all these modules. I'll start w/ the low because for most lvl 4's (if you are soloing) you need to work from your tank and up:

Low: Well, this is pretty much the optimum t2 armor tank you can get, unless you are crazy and decide to use 3x LAR II, then your cap will hate you. Anyway, this is the best you can get w/ t2 w/o going faction cause faction is a whole different story. Also, this tank CANNOT run indefinitely due to the fact that the first spawn can break this tank in approximately 200 secs w/o you blowing them up and cap issues. Don't worry too much about cap issues cause i'll explain it in the mid section.

Mid: YOU NEED A WEB IN ORDER TO TAKE OUT THE OVERLORD. Also, the heavy cap booster is needed since you will be running out of cap really fast, but with 800 boosters, you should be able to run it indef as long as you have the 800 boosters.

High: This is one of the best fitting you can possibly do with all your other items on. I'm using dual's cause they do the same dps as 5x mega's. Also, you can only fit 5 t2 mega beam and 6 t2 dual beam.
->Now, there are other different possibilities you can do with this setup, you could go 3x t2 mega beam and 2x arba siege launcher to be as cap friendly as possible, but what this does is that it weakens you on the cruiser beat down. With decent skills, you can take down Zor in 80-90secs, then you can take down the Mercenary Overlord in about the same time, but it'll take you a while to take down the cruisers since torps and beam lasers aren't that good against them.
->However, w/ 2x arba cruise and 6x dual modulated heavy beams, you can take down Zor in 76-86secs (which is slightly faster btw), but it's a little more cap intensive. Also, you have a 26.6% chance to this the cruisers versus the 3% chance w/ the t2 Mega beam and the fact that cruise missles are better than torps at dealing w/ cruisers makes it all the better.
->Why no Pulse Lasers instead? Simple, Zor orbits at about 20km and the fact that 6x dual heavy beam does about the same dps as 5x mega pulse and 4x t2 megapulse and 5x t2 dual heavy pulse at 20km. Although 5x t2 dual heavy pulse does ALOT mor dps close range, the time you save killing the merc overlord you spend in killing zor.

Also, if anyone has a better apoc set-up, post it up, i'd like to see if someone could come up w/ something more efficient.
11:41am 2006 Saturday 12th August 2006 I had tried this a couple of times in Gallente Ships but would take too much dmg to fast (since drones aren't fast enough).

This time I did it in a Raven with a osprey for shield transfer. Highs: 4 cruise, 2 siege; Mids: 1 target painter, 2 heat hardners, 1 kin, 1 em, 1 invuln field; Lows 1 dmg ctrl, 3 bcs and 1 wcs (which I don't usually use but look at all those scram points).

The osprey setup is Highs: 2 medium shield transfers; mids 3 cap chargers, 1 med cap battery; lows: 3 cpr.

I had to warp out once after I'd killed zor and the other BS. (there is only one other BS besides Zor), but it was simple after that.

You can start at any range but they MWD to you quickly.
10:25am 2006 Friday 28th July 2006 Check the kinetic damage on this mission. It seems way out of proportion with what the description suggests. I attempted it in a Raven with:

2x Thermal Shield Hardener II's
1x Kinetic Shield Hardener II
1x Invul Field II.

The kinetic missiles that were mass fired by the cruisers did damage far in excess of the mission description, and I had to run like heck in just a few seconds. My teammate was set up for Guristas. He held just fine, indicating that the EM and Explosive damage was LESS than indicated.
9:46pm 2006 Friday 21st July 2006 APOC SETUP:

Highs - 5 t2 mega pulse, 2 t2 heavy pulse, 1 tractor beam

Mids - 1 T2 100mw ab, webber, 2 t2 cap rechargers

Low - 1 t2 l armor repper, 2 t2 energized adapt nano, 1 t2 exp, kin, & Therm Hardeners, 1 cap power relay

I didnt start running rightaway and things got hairy. Had to warp out twice because they were ruining my tank.

After second warp out i went in with conflag crystals and used ab to get to optimal on bs's. This worked well in cutting down dmg.

Next time i do this mission i will immediately start afterburning away from the group, then focus on blowing the 2 bs's that close within 10k. After that id like to try and ab right after zor and kill him, tanking the rest should be easy. maybe ditching an adaptive for another therm hardener might be good as well.

There are these frigs that stay away from you but they immediately attacked my drones when i launched them. The rats might be called lookouts. Keep an eye on them if you use drones or you will lose a few like me :)

No real good loot but better than usual from the battleships. Well they at least left cans.