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Type Kill
Target Kill all NPC's
Steps 1
Mission briefing We got reports of a Serpentis patrol in this sector. Our surveillance patrol reports they are scouts providing intel back to their leaders for a much larger raiding party. We cannot have them discover our weak points or gather any intel on our convoy travel routes. Teach them a lesson for us, ***.

Mission Step # 1



Step Type spot
Number of Spawns 1
NPC's Attack after warp yes
Your Shield/Armor resists
Your Damage type

Spawn # 1
  Name Bounty($)       orb. vel.
3 × Serpentis Chief Safeguard 87 500 0 0 20 40 1100 45 55 25 35 5125 1440 +
1350 45 55 25 35
1 × Core Port Admiral 487 500 0 0 92 153 4250 62 72 42 52 37500 280
4750 62 72 42 52

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6:42pm 2007 Wednesday 9th May 2007 I attacked the 3rd spawn in the second pocket, and it also causes the 2nd spawn to aggro - so, no matter what, those two spawns work together.
Vitnir Belote
9:06pm 2007 Wednesday 21st March 2007 Attacking the 3rd group still aggros the 2nd group at step 1.
11:15pm 2006 Friday 1st December 2006 i just finished this mission:


spawn 1:
2x corelior soldier (destroyer, 11.813isk)
4x corelum chief protector (cruiser, 68.438isk)
1x corelatis platoon leader (bc, 138.750isk)

spawn 2:
3x coreli guard (frig, 7.500)
1x coreli safeguard (frig, 7.875)
1x corelior soldier (destroyer, 11.813)
1x corelior sentinel (destroyer, 13.500)
2x corelior infantry (destroyer, 12.375)

spawn 3:
1x coreli guard
3x coreli safeguard
2x corelum chief protector
2x corelum chief defender (cruiser, 68.438)
1x corelatis squad leader (bc, 135.000)
2x corelatis platoon leader


spawn 1
2x corelior infantry
3x corelum chief protector
3x corelum chief defender
2x corelatis platoon leader

spawn 2
3x corelum chief defender
1x corelum chief protector
1x core port admiral (bs, 487.500)

spawn 3
1x core port admiral
2x core commodore (bs, 431.250)

spawn 1
1x coreli guard
3x coreli safeguard
2x corelior soldier
2x corelum chief defender
2x corelum chief protector
2x corelatis squad leader
3x core commodore
1x core port admiral

at step 1 i managed to get aggro from spawn 2 and 3 in the same time (you should attack the 3rd spawn to avoid that, i think) so i might have missed one or 2 rats, but i don't think i did
Sydney, Australia
8:46am 2006 Thursday 10th August 2006 This mission is unchanged