Materials For War Preparation [ comments: 8 ]


Type Trade
Target Get *** Kernit (or some other) (2000..10000 m3)
Mission briefing We are escalating our production so we can increase our military strength in light of recent political upheavals in the world. Increased production requires more minerals. I want you to get two thousand units of Kernite to one of our main production facilities. Your help will undoubtedly get a positive response from other corporate members.
This is an important mission, which will have significant impact on your faction standings.
Tips: Implant +4 as reward

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2:45pm 2007 Friday 14th December 2007 I cant seem to get this mission anymore - anyone know if this was removed with Trinity?

1:01am 2006 Tuesday 26th December 2006 Any storyline agent can give you this mission.

It depends on the storyline agent's division. Security and internal security ones will give you more kill missions, distribution agents e.g. will give you more transport or trade missions. This does not mean you will get ONLY such missions, just more of one kind dependant on the division.

btw.: You need 8k Kernite now in this mission to get the +4 implant.
10:53pm 2006 Tuesday 19th December 2006 Does that basically mean that any storyline agent can offer you this mission, or is it restricted to certain divisions?

Thank you in advance.
7:30pm 2006 Sunday 15th October 2006 Where can you pick this mission up from?


This is an important mission (storyline), which you can't pick up. A storyline agent will contact you after every 16 completed normal missions and offer you a special mission. One of them is this one.
12:28am 2006 Sunday 15th October 2006 Where can you pick this mission up from?

3:56pm 2006 Tuesday 10th October 2006 set as "unchanged"
5:31pm 2006 Friday 29th September 2006 I got given this mission and it asked for 10k kernite for a +4 memory implant.
11:07am 2006 Wednesday 2nd August 2006 I just had this important mission.
It is unchanged since patch. Still 2k kernite needed and still +4 implant as reward.