12:21pm 2006 Saturday 5th August 2006 I just got this mission and ill add the details about it so you can update it on the site :)

Something just came up that's right up your alley. We've spotted an unauthorized Caldari personnel transport ship flying through Auvergne. Cargo scanners revealed a load of militants on board, no doubt a part of a ground force intended to strike a target near here. We don't know where they are headed or what they're up to, but we definitely want to find out. I request that you intercept the transport and capture the men on board. Bring them back to us for questioning.
We believe the escort team is split up into a few groups. If you strike fast and hard, you'll probably avoid getting swarmed by them all at once. Just keep a look out for any stray ships, we don't want them escaping back to their homebase to report the incident.

According with rats its the same as on the site

Completed it now.
And according to your resists thermal will work just as good as kinetic, meaning Ogre's will be a lot better than Wasps in this due to their higher dmg