Transaction Data Delivery [ comments: 6 ]


Type Courier
Target Delivery 1 Transaction and Salary Logs (0.1 m3)
Mission briefing I have an important job for you, ***. Because of your good standing and the fact you have successfully completed a number of missions for Caldari State we have decided you are worth the trust of a very important courier job. It entails bringing a large cargo of transaction and salary logs to this station from *** where they have been stored for the last few weeks for a routine inspection by the authorities. This data holds information of sensitive nature on our recent business dealings, earnings and expenses and wages that we pay our staff members. Under no circumstances may any of these reports be lost, or worse yet fall into the wrong hands. Pirates have a tendency to want this information so they can sell it to our rivals. They used to have easy access to this information by hacking our transmission calls, but now that we send these reports via freight this is no longer as serious of a problem. I trust you on this, ***, don't let me down.

Tips: +3 Implant as reward

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12:59pm 2007 Sunday 30th December 2007 I had a reward of 4 mililon ISK, with a bonus of 1 million ISK; also no implants, and also from Caldari Navy.
11:03pm 2007 Saturday 20th January 2007 Misson Reward: 1 million ISK.
Bonus Reward: 4 million ISK.

Nothing else.

I work for the Caldari Navy. Faction approx 7.0
The storyline mission came from Expert Distribution. Faction Approx 3.5
Interstellar Artois
3:52pm 2006 Sunday 24th September 2006 Pretty sure important missions select the level of the agent based on your faction not corp standing, and there's a version of this mission for every level with corresponding strength implant as reward.

My faction standing is only 3.09 and I got a +1 implant.
3:58am 2006 Tuesday 12th September 2006 i also got a +1 implant
5:07am 2006 Friday 8th September 2006 Got a crappy +1 MEM implant, even though it's a level 3 mission and my standing is very high.
Aix en Provence
10:01pm 2006 Thursday 17th August 2006 Got a +4 percep implant as reward, with 15 units of RAM Ammunition Tech as time bonus

Happy . :D