Materials For War Preparation [ comments: 5 ]


Type Trade
Target Get 1000 Omber (600 m3)
Mission briefing We are escalating our production so we can increase our military strength in light of recent political upheavals in the world. Increased production requires more minerals. I want you to get one thousand units of Omber to one of our main production facilities. Your help will undoubtedly get a positive response from other corporate members.

This is an important mission, which will have significant impact on your faction standings.

Tips: Implant +3 as reward

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6:56am 2006 Thursday 23rd November 2006 Indeed, its 10k, and the first post in this thread is about lv1 version of this mission.
12:19pm 2006 Tuesday 10th October 2006

Got this mission a few minutes ago, it must be corrected to 10K omber (6000 m3) not 1K omber (600 m3)
5:28pm 2006 Sunday 8th October 2006 I got it a second time.

Reward: +3 Willpower

For 6000m3 (10k Units) of Omber
4:28am 2006 Saturday 30th September 2006 ...but 10 thousands i've been asked to bring for a +3 memory implant.
1:03pm 2006 Saturday 2nd September 2006 When i got the mission i sould bring 999 veldspar and my reward was a +1 int implant