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The Rogue Slave Trader (1 of 2) The Rogue Slave Trader [ comments: 9 ]


The Blood Raider Covenant

Type Kill
Target Kill all NPC's
DropOff 20 Prisoners (20.0 m3)
Steps 1
Mission briefing We currently have a rogue slave trader on our hands, ***. The Blood Raiders have apparently dispatched a group of their own to *** to look for potential victims. They've been raiding outlying settlements, which have weak security systems in place.
Our primary objective right now is to get back the people they've taken captive. We think we've located their slave pen in ***, but it's your job to make sure. Destroy the structure and rescue the slaves if you can, then report back to me. We'll deal with these slave traders later.

Mission Step # 1


The Blood Raider Covenant

Step Type spot
Number of Spawns 1
NPC's Attack after warp yes
Your Shield/Armor resists
Your Damage type

Spawn # 1
  Name Bounty($)       orb. vel.
2 × Elder Corpii Follower 18 000 15 0 0 15 200 19 55 44 32 3625 720 1 +
450 19 55 44 32
1 × Corpum Revenant 51 563 38 0 0 38 1000 23 53 43 33 19000 360 +
1250 23 53 43 33
1 × Dark Corpum Arch Templar 54 375 30 0 0 30 800 22 52 42 32 7250 360 +
1000 22 52 42 32

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6:27am 2007 Tuesday 25th September 2007 My level 3 had:

2 Elder Corpii Followers
1 Corpum Shadow Sage
1 Corpum Dark Priest

After I started shooting the slave quarters, got:

1 Corpior Fanatic (according to my wallet journal.. I thought he was a Blood Raider Slavetrader in overview)
2:40am 2006 Friday 24th November 2006 yeh, i just did it, in suroken, got following ships
1 Elder Corpii Worshiper
1 Elder Corpii Follower
1 Corpum shadow sage
1 Corpum Dark Priest

then after a wee while, 5 minutes
1 Corpior Exorcist

only got 138275 isk for the Exorcist but that might be down to my corp tax.
also yeh, veld roid only in this one.
1:17am 2006 Wednesday 1st November 2006 I got roughly the same thing as your review says, but the bounties on them were way higher than you have posted. like 20-30k higher on those cruisers.
8:08am 2006 Wednesday 4th October 2006 I got the following peeps in this mission:
1x Corpum Shadow Sage
1x Corpum Dark Priest
2x Elder Corpii Follower
6:00am 2006 Friday 22nd September 2006 FYI
the omber isn't in this mission, it's the following mission "downing the slavers" 2/2 that the omber appears.
4:12am 2006 Friday 22nd September 2006 I wouldn't mind omber, all this trip gave was a smegload of veldspar.
3:49pm 2006 Tuesday 22nd August 2006 After i clear out the baddies I like to mine the omber..... 8 roids with 50k omber each - 400k of omber. Makes a nice little profit after 7 days of mining.....
8:56pm 2006 Sunday 20th August 2006 Corpior Phantom, usually spawns while I am collecting cans, 146250 isk
6:06pm 2006 Friday 18th August 2006 If you hang around long enough, a Blood Raider battlecruiser will warp in on ya'. Don't know if this is dependant on whether or not you've killed the rest of the spawn.