11:23pm 2006 Thursday 10th August 2006 It might be a variant, but I received different ships when I got Retribution (Serpentis) on 8/10/06. The spawns, which still do not attack on warp in, seem to be separated now into three groups: 2 small packs (1 of which is located right next to the armory and outpost) and 1 large pack.

I killed the small pack NOT by the armor/outpost first. Then, flew toward the armory/outpost and killed that group. This puts the large pack of ships far away from you and spread out from about 55-78KM. You can then blow the armory and get loot without the large group attacking.

Then, if you want, you can just start firing at the outpost. The large group will then start moving toward you and targeting. But by the time the first few ships arirve to start firing at you, the outpost will blow. You can then decide to let the other ships come to you, destroying them one at a time. They will all come in to less than 5,000 m. After they are all gone, you will be able to pickup cargo easy cause it is so close. Ships I encounetred were as follows:

Small Group #1: 1x Coreli Safeguard, 2x Corelum Chief Defender, 1x Corelum Chief Defender

Large Group: 2x Guardian Veteran, 1 x Corelum Chief Spy, 2x Coreli Patroller, 6x Coreli Watchman, 1x Coreli Chief Scout

Small Group #2 (by outpost/armory): 2x Coreli Protector, 1x Coreli Defender, 1x Guardian Veteran, 1x Corelatis Wingman