Stop the Thief! [ comments: 12 ]


Rogue Pirates

Type Kill
Target Kill all NPC's
DropOff 1 Data Sheets
Steps 1
Mission briefing A bold thief just got away with an audacious burglary at the system ***. He stole documents of critical importance to us - he probably intends to sell them to one of our rivals. These documents must be returned to us as soon as possible and I think you're the person for this job. We have the approximate location of the dastardly thief and I want you to go there and take care of him. Once he's been dealt with return the documents to me. I suspect he will ot linger long in his current location, so you must hurry before he gets away. If you complete the job within the hour you'll get a cash bonus and a splendid piggy bank as an indication of our gratitude.

Mission Step # 1


Rogue Pirates

Step Type spot
Number of Spawns 1
NPC's Attack after warp yes
Your Shield/Armor resists
Your Damage type

Spawn # 1
  Name Bounty($)       orb. vel.
1 × The Thief 6 000 0 25 7 0 400 0 60 40 20 5000 520
400 0 60 40 20
4 × Rogue Pirate Escort 35 000 50 30 20 0 600 0 60 40 20 15000 320 2 +
135 0 0 0 500 0 60 40 20

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1:03pm 2007 Tuesday 3rd July 2007 Anyone ever going to fix this? I saw 5x Mercenary Commander, and one Thief ship.

Fix it already! :amerana

exactly! fix it.
11:23am 2007 Wednesday 11th April 2007 Anyone ever going to fix this? I saw 5x Mercenary Commander, and one Thief ship.

Fix it already! :
8:22pm 2007 Wednesday 28th March 2007 Neither the telescope or its launch pad drop anything
11:18pm 2007 Monday 5th March 2007 As of March 5, 07, the commanders are shooting Scourge missiles. Still only 5 of them.
8:23am 2006 Friday 8th December 2006 Mission info is way way off. I fitted the recommended expl, kin, em, then watched ten Merc Commanders spam widowmakers and what I like to call L-A-S-E-R-S at me.
Adelaide, Australia
12:39pm 2006 Thursday 7th December 2006 As of Dec 07, only 5 Merc Commanders are with The Thief. It's a bit too easy now, knock off 1 and the rest are cream.
9:06pm 2006 Tuesday 5th December 2006 I noticed in the patch notes for today's patch (here) this mission is mentioned:
The difficulty for the mission 'Stop The Thief' has been adjusted.

so it's probably changed now once again...

10:44pm 2006 Sunday 3rd December 2006 The story changed also:

'Ok, our security is beginning to get annoyingly incompetent around here, not only did this thief get away documents of critical importance to us, he also stole my clothes, my shuttle and my lunch! He has done this before and we found he intends to sell them to this crazy scientist who's trying to be a rival of ours from his radio telescope garage. These documents must be returned to us as - again - as soon as possible. We have the approximate location of the telescope. Return the documents to me after you get my lunch, uhm, I mean my documents back. If you get my lunch … I mean the documents back within the hour you'll get a cash bonus and three more of our splendid piggy banks as an indication of how many piggy banks we could make with these documents.'

As for the npc, they were like allready mentioned, 8 mercs and a thief. They pound really hard, so a note on that.
Seattle, WA
9:21am 2006 Saturday 2nd December 2006 Just completed it. Same - 8 merc commanders. They all spam heavy missiles. It hurts when 9 all hit at once because they all lock onto you simultaneously. That's a lot of damage!
Ghan Tylous
6:27pm 2006 Friday 1st December 2006 Got Stop The Thief.

It have 8 Mercenary Commanders + the thief post Revelations. So it have changed
12:01pm 2006 Thursday 30th November 2006 This mission has apparently changed significantly, mabe just with the revelations patch, or I took a wrong turn somewhere... Thiss appears to be the level 2 version of the mission.

The level 3 version had the thief as usual and 7 mercenary commanders for me.
8:47am 2006 Tuesday 25th July 2006 I only got 32375 from the escorts, but otherwise it was the same.