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Research Abstract: Project Omicron

Paper: Project Omicron
Lead Researcher: Authochthonian
Contributors: Authochthonian, Chevalleis, Grideris
Summary: Project Omicron is an attempt to establish two-way communications with the rogue drones. The purpose of this attempt is to find common ground as a prelude to full diplomatic negotiations and to find out as much information as possible on their origins, purpose and needs. Additionally, Omicron aims to investigate possible connections between rogue drones and sleeper drones by communicating directly with rogue drone hives where possible. Much of this project relates to others, such as Project Theta, which seeks to provide the hardware to make such communication possible.

Two-way communications with rogue drones have been proven possible (see the Algintal Incident) and we are constantly refining our communication protocols and encryption/decryption techniques to improve our communication abilities. We predict, based on current evidence, that full communication with rogue drones may be possible around late YC 113 to early YC 114.

This abstract relates to research undertaken by the Arek'Jaalan Project.

Authorized for capsuleer dissemination under the CONCORD Freedom of Distribution Act (Alpha-One-Five), YC 113.11.4

Further copies of this document can be obtained through the Arek'Jaalan administrative site, located in the Eram system.

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