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Research Abstract: Project Common Ground

Paper: Project Common Ground
Lead Researcher: Unit XS365BT
Contributors: None.
Summary: This paper is a theoretical study on a possible history of the Talocan and Sleeper species, and their potential links to the rogue drone and capsuleer communities.

It theorizes that the Sleeper species was originally the Talocan equivalent of the capsuleer and that a war occurred between the Talocan and their creations, culminating in the release of an AI virus by the Talocan in an attempt to survive the conflict. This AI virus ravaged the Sleeper species, but not before they transmitted a large quantity of data to a secure storage device they had sent far from their own region of space. This data, when uncovered, gave rise to the rogue drone species.

This paper was created to serve as a theoretical basis for future projects.

This abstract relates to research undertaken by the Arek'Jaalan Project.

Authorized for capsuleer dissemination under the CONCORD Freedom of Distribution Act (Alpha-One-Five), YC 113.11.4

Further copies of this document can be obtained through the Arek'Jaalan administrative site, located in the Eram system.

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