'Neo' Logistics gk.0

The Logistics dropsuit is outfitted with the latest in integrated diagnostic technology, most of which revolves around maintaining the condition and efficiency of squad mates and their equipment. As such, a soldier equipped with this class of dropsuit becomes a force multiplier, greatly improving the overall effectiveness of the unit.

Gallente military doctrine places a premium on human life, favoring technological solutions that augment or even entirely replace human combatants in a conflict. Unsurprisingly, the Gallente Logistics suit is designed to minimize loss of life on the battlefield. A resilient suit, it features an array of biomechanical sensors to monitor ongoing health, while the copious equipment slots allow it to carry everything needed to effectively render aid to victims.

When deployed, a soldier equipped with a Logistics suit fills a vital tactical role in small unit operations and full-scale warfare, providing both, medical and mechanical support.

  • structure
  • 0.01m³ packaged


  • miscellaneous
  • z 21 540.00

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