'Black Eagle' Scout G/1-Series

The Scout dropsuit is a lightweight suit optimized for enhanced mobility, multi-spectrum stealth, and heightened awareness. This variant of the A-Series Scout dropsuit was specifically requested by the Federal Intelligence Office’s Special Department of Internal Investigations and was tailored to their needs for front line military operations and peacekeeping duty within the Gallente Federation.

The entire suit is wrapped in un-polished matte black crystalline carbonide armor plates, in homage to the “Black Eagles” nickname that the Special Department of Internal Investigation has become known by. Every armor plate attached to the suit is wrapped in an energized adaptive nano membrane designed to deflect small arms fire and absorb the force of incoming plasma based projectiles, neutralizing their ionization and reducing their ability to cause thermal damage.

Building on the original design, the standard fusion core is replaced with a wafer thin seventh generation Duvolle Laboratories T-3405 fusion reactor situated between the user’s shoulder blades to power the entire suit. Given requests from the Federal Intelligence Office for a suit that could outperform anything else in its class when worn by a well-trained user, Poteque Pharmaceuticals were drafted in to create custom kinetic monitoring equipment and a servo assisted movement system specifically tailored to this suit. Finally, to meet the operational demands of the Special Department of Internal Investigation the suit has undergone heavy modifications to allow mounting of two light weapon systems at the expense of support module capacity.

  • structure
  • 0.01m³ packaged


  • miscellaneous
  • z 8 040.00

    Base Price