Orkashu Myelen

Subject: Prototype Nation Vessel (ID: Orkashu Myelen)
Military Specifications: Frigate-class vessel. Primary role is medium range ECM support and medium range energy warfare. Moderate microwarp velocity. No known weapons systems.
Additional Intelligence: An estimated 1,200,000 civilian were abductions from Orkashu IV during the chaos caused by four simultaneous invasions. Each invasion was launched in a different empire's space. Although the Myelen identifier suggests a developmental state, it is clear that this version of the frigate served as the basis for the more powerful Niarja variant. Other, unknown Nation prototypes may have also originated from this design.
Synopsis from ISHAEKA-0035. DED Special Operations.Authorized for Capsuleer dissemination.

  • structure
  • 235 m³


  • 2000000 kg


  • 20000m³ packaged