Gleaned Information

YC105-5-29 - So fragile, these minds. So fleeting, their crimes.

YC106-12-20 - Step One: Build a Better Ant.

YC107-09-15 - Step Two: Kick over The Ant Hill.

YC108-09-26 - Step Three: Assess.

YC109-06-23 - Models indicate that virions have spread beyond those five systems.

YC110-06-10 - Step Four: Reiterate.

YC111-03-10 - 'Defect-mediated turbulence'?

YC112-12-13 - Disruption Event Identified. Type: Infiltration Disclosure. Subtype: Wedge Mirror. Actor: True Power. Targeted Interstice: CONCORD - Capsuleer Cohort. Motivation:...

YC113-07-07 - Disruption Event Identified. Type: Resource Shift. Subtype: Need Further Data. Actor: Need Further Data. Targeted Interstice: 4 Potentials. 1)...

YC114-05-14 - They are not yet acknowledging the pattern.

YC115-03-22 - Disruption Event Identified. Type: Apoptosis...

YC116-01-01 - Disruption Event Identified. Type: Cathexis...

YC117-01-12 - They could not predict this?

YC111 - Capsuleer espionage detected.

YC108 - 'Titan' class vessel detected. Receiving data.

YC112 - Sansha activity registered.

YC107 - Destination: Vak'Atioth.

YC110 - "Thanks sweetie, but that's all right. I'll only be a few minutes."

YC105 - Location: Rethan. Class: Yacht. Maker: Viziam.

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  • 0.1m³ packaged


  • miscellaneous
  • z 30.00

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