Gleaned Information

YC108-12-17 - lockdown in effect. Sosala local defences reacting. Amarr Fleet mobilisation hindered by multiple attacks. Indicating complete destruction of Battlestation facility by Minmatar loyalist capsuleer cohorts. Flagged for close monitoring...

YC107-06-09 - planet-wide emergency declared by Amarr Empire. Blood Raider fleet breaking orbital blockade. Chemical compound residue still circulating in high atmosphere, predicated near-total consumption rate among local slave population. Additional trace chem.

YC108-06-07 - Multiple jump drive spikes detected in Pator, Heimatar, Minmatar Republic
Origin: Republic Fleet anchorage 12
Command key override: Muritor, Karishal 1st Class Captain
CONCORD authorisation key: Not accounted, unauthorised deployment. CONCORD control warning flag issued to Republic Fleet
Ship designations: Alfhild, Magni, Modi, Verkana, Gordd, Hjalin, Svertan, Torshvern..

YC107-05-30 - of Caldari loyalist capsuleer cohorts, Caldari Independent Navy Reserve, [CAIN] verified termination of Dr Ullia Hnolku in the Magiko system, Minmatar Republic. Insorum prototype retr...

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