Men's 'Tectonic' Headwear (shiny black)

This imposing, interlocked piece of headwear comes from hardworking Caldari scientists, all of whom are of course fiercely loyal to the State's core cause of teamwork, cooperation and personal sacrifice for the greater good.

It is composed of sliding plates - with a shiny metal sheen, all the better to subtly indicate the limitless depths of Caldari strength and unity - that adjust fully to the wearer's head. It is a complex assemblage of parts that shift in union, none of them out of place, and none of them failing to do its duty as supporter and protector of the whole.

Each plate is, in and of itself, immensely resilient to all manner of wear and tear, but it's only when fitted into the complicated mesh that their resilience rises by an order of magnitude, each part linking to the next to form a layer of pure strength.

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