Advanced Infomorph Psychology

Advanced training for those Capsuleers who want to push clone technology to its limits.

Allows 1 additional jump clone per level.

Note: Clones can only be installed in stations with medical facilities or in ships with clone vat bays. Installed clones are listed in the character sheet.

This skill cannot be trained on Trial Accounts.

  • structure
  • 0.01m³ packaged


  • miscellaneous
  • 5

    Training Time Multiplier

  • z 36 000 000.00

    Base Price

  • Required Skills
  • Infomorph Psychology V
  • other
  • 5

    Required Skill 1Level

  • 0

    Skill Level

  • 0

    Max Jump Clones

  • 1

    Can Not Be Trained On Trial